Posted by: tonytomkinson | January 13, 2008

Where is Clavering? What was Clavering?

Perhaps I will start with the second question… The Clavering name dates back to the Domesday period of English history and was the name of one of the Hundreds. These areas called hundreds were used as sub-county areas for administration and taxation purposes until 1834. Clavering today is one of the County Council Divisions roughly in the same place as the old Hundred, that is the extreme South East of Norfolk. It comprises some 24 parishes, these are; Alburgh, Aldeby, Broome, Burgh St Peter with Wheatacre, Denton, Ditchingham, Earsham, Ellingham, Geldeston, Gillingham, Haddiscoe, Hales, Heckingham, Hedenham, Kirby Cane, Norton Subcourse, Raveningham, Stockton, Thurlton, Thorpe next Haddiscoe, Thwaite St Mary, Toft Monks, Topcroft, and Wortwell.  Currently I represent the residents of Clavering on the County Council. I would be pleased to receive any comments, requests or just chat from any resident of any of the parishes listed above. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Very awesome writing. Honestly!

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