Posted by: tonytomkinson | February 13, 2008

Watse Disposal Site at Aldeby

It has been suggested by local Liberal Democrats that the roads around the Aldeby Tip are being prepared by the County Council for an incinerator to be installed at the site. They cite the improvements to the junction onto the A146, and Mr Waltham says the the road from Thurlton to Gillingham has the 7 ton limit removed. Frankly, both of these suggestions are rubbish. Firstly, the junction improvements have been carried out because of a history of serious road collisions at this location. This small amount of work has been done to make the junction safer. Re the 7ton limit, there has never been a 7 ton limit on this piece of road.

 I consider this scaremongering of the worst possible sort. Any change of use or changes to the nature of the site must be subject to planning consent. The current consent runs out in 2012, and to-date there have been no applications for further use.

I think it is right that the Parishes of Aldeby and Burgh St Peter should know where I stand. I want to see the tip closed for all waste as early as possible, it may be that there will have to be some additional work prior to a full restoration programme. I am passionately opposed to all major industrial buildings or sites in any rural area, this would include buildings erected for waste disposal and power from waste constructions. 

Having got that off my chest, I don’t know much about the incineration of waste, except that I have seen it in action in Denmark where heat produced was used to heat water for the town of Fredrikshaven in north Jutland. For this sort of use the incinerator has to be close to the town where the hot water will be used. I am not opposed in principle to “heat from waste”, I don’t know the technology, anything about safety of such a plant, or the economics.

I hope that clears up the current position.



  1. Hi Tony
    Energy from Waste is the only sensible thing to do with some (not all) waste product. I represented a manufacturer of burners for power stations for many years and they burn clean and they burn 99.9% of what goes into them – providing they are designed correctly. Emissions can also be controlled. However, we have to STOP creating so much waste and then burying it.
    Cheers, Jenny

    Thank you Jenny.

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