Posted by: tonytomkinson | March 1, 2009

Site use update since 1 March 2008

My Blog has now been in use for more than twelve months,; and I have to say that I am very pleased that it has been so widely used by the residents of the Clavering Division.

For your information, since I started to put some of your and my concerns on the site there have been nearly 5,000 visits to the site, the main ones being:-

Haddiscoe Mineral Extraction proposals;     895

Travellers site at Earsham;      316

Proposed Travellers site at Kirby Cane     207

Haddiscoe Road improvements     121

My Details     118

Toft Monks speed limit reduction request    98

Waste disposal site at Aldeby     77

Glebelands School speed limit     73

Thank you everyone for your comments. This year there will be an election for a new County Council. That election will take place on June 4th. I am pleased to inform you that I have been selected by the Conservative Party to contest the election and hope that you will all give me your support for a further term. I will be using the Blog to keep everyone up to date, to answer your comments, and to continue the service that the Blog has provided in the past.

For main content re the Election there will be a seperate Post which I will start shortly.


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