Posted by: tonytomkinson | September 8, 2009

Haddiscoe Mineral extraction and landfill.

043As last we have news of the process on the proposed site at Haddiscoe. Today, 8 September, the results of the Planning & Transportation consultation are posted on the CC web site. Please go to the site and see.

I know the majority of the residents will be pleased to see that the site at Haddiscoe is not a preferred site. It remains to be seen whether a planning application will still be submitted or whether there will be an appeal.

Whatever, the Council has listened to the residents and we would hope to move forward from this point.

I must just say that there are some who will not agree with the decision, I respect their view. As I also respect the desire of the landowner to maximise the potential of their land.  I hope that all of the residents can now move forward together and put this behind them.

Lastly, my congratulations to the STOPIT team, they worked hard and were listened to. We should all take note of that and try to work together to achieve success in the next hot topic for Haddiscoe and Top Croft, that is wanting a reduction of the speed limit on the A143 past the school and through Top Croft….They deserve it.

You made look at the list on the County Council web using this link:


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