Posted by: tonytomkinson | December 26, 2011

Haddiscoe Pit proposal

To the residents of Haddiscoe and all those who love living in the countryside, Good Morning, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas. Today is Boxing Day, an appropriate day you may think for writing this Blog Post, not that I’m looking for a fight but there may be one facing us later this year.

Everyone in the village should be aware of my own feelings about the Pit proposals, I have ruled myself out of any possibility of sitting on the Planning Committee by publicly stating my opposition to the proposals now to go before the Planning Committee. Norfolk County Council recently consulted on a future waste and mineral strategy. This has not formally been accepted at this stage by the County Council but every intermediate stage we have gone through recommends that this site should not be considered acceptable. to me this indicates that there will not be an officer recommendation. However, we should remain vigilant and do all that we can to make sure this is not approved.

The STOPIT campaign has written, as have many of the residents of the village, to the County Council indicating their opposition to the planning application. I do not know when this will come before the Committee, except to say that it will not be on the agenda for the next meeting on January 6th, the dates of the next two meetings are February 10th and March 2nd. I will post the information on this Blog as soon as I know the agenda.


There are rules for speaking at the County Council Planning meetings, briefly they are as follows. it is essential that you give written notice of your intention to speak. This should be addressed to Head of Democratic Services, Norfolk County Council, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH. There is limited speaking time allowed for members of the public, A total of 15 minutes is provided for objectors, in exceptional circumstances the Chairman can use their discretion to allow more time. This is followed by District and/or Parish Council representatives. and those from any other public body. The County Councillor representing the Division speaks last, he/she is allowed 5 minutes, please be assured it is my intention to use up all of my allowed speaking time. 5 minutes is allowed for each group, so it is extremely helpful to nominate one person from each group to speak on your behalf.

Myself and District Councillor William Kemp


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