Posted by: tonytomkinson | January 6, 2012

Norfolk County Council 2012

As we move into the new year it is right that we reflect on the delivery achievements of  the council in this period of financial difficulty. It is by no means a sad story, and I am proud to be associated with much of list below.

During the financial year 2011/12 the Council has secured savings of some £60,000,000. We are undergoing an incredible transformation of services, with about 111 change programmes underway. In April last year we did not increase our share of the Council Tax, we will not be increasing it this year 2012, and are not proposing to increase it in 2013. Three years running without any increase in the County Council’s share of the Council Tax.

Even with all of this money being saved we have found our selves able to invest £58 million of Capital Grants into Norfolk’s economy.

We have been successful in our Broadband bid, one of the first councils to be successful, and our £15 million has been matched by central Government. In due course this should lead to 99% of the County having a much faster broadband service.

We led a successful “Make it Marham” campaign, to keep the RAF with an active base in the County.

We have been successful in attracting a grant of £89.5 million towards the cost of the Northern Distributor Road, making journeys easier for commuters and commercial companies.

We have invested £10 million into new fire appliances, some lighter weight four wheel drive vehicles, which will be of considerable help in accessing rural and farm fires. We now have some of the best fire appliances in the country.

Unlike many other County Councils, we in Norfolk have been closed or were even threatened with closure.

So far we have collected over 14,000 signatures for our Fair Fares Campaign, a campaign that has been adopted by several other Counties. This campaign, if successful, will mean that we will not have to fund the “Bus Pass” for the over 60’s from Council Tax income. If you have not heard of this campaign, look it up on the NCC web site and sign the petition please.

The final part of the A11 is to be duelled, work has already started on site, in no small part the 16,000 signatures on our petition helped.

With all of this success last year we start 2012 with some innovative ideas to support our young people and provide extra funding for highway repairs. We will continue our positive endeavours for the residents of Norfolk, and this Administration will never be afraid to “Do Different”.

Very best wishes to all of the residents of the Clavering Division of Norfolk from me, your County Councillor.



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