Posted by: tonytomkinson | January 12, 2012


The County Council Mineral Extraction Plans are moving forward towards final agreement and submission to the Secretary of State. However, as residents of Haddiscoe will know, the current planning application for approval of the Haddiscoe Pit will be considered by the Planning Committee before the Plan is adopted by all parties. At a recent Cabinet meeting the following was reported to Cabinet:-

The apportionment figures in Policy CS1 run for 17 years from the beginning of 2010 until the end of 2026, but as the sand and gravel landbank as at 31/12/2010 is now known, the apportionment figure can be updated to take this into account. In addition, there have been several new planning permissions granted, and the expiration of two planning permissions. As a result, the total minimum sand and gravel to be allocated is 27,305,000 tonnes, covering the years 2011-2026.

The Pre-submission Minerals Site Specific Allocations DPD (Appendix 3) allocates 26 sites for sand and gravel extraction, totalling approximately 27,700,000 tonnes. Whilst it is acknowledged that this is a slight ‘over-allocation’ of about 395,000 tonnes, this is equivalent to less than two months’ expected extraction. In addition there is the safeguard in Policy CS1 of a sand and gravel landbank ceiling of 10 years’ supply (25,700,000 tonnes), so there is no question of an excessive number of quarries being permitted and able to operate at any one time.

There are six sites proposed for allocation in the DPD, within South Norfolk, These six do not include Haddiscoe!

I would like to thank all those residents who have shared their thoughts with me about the proposals above, I have now received about 100 letters and these will go with me to the Planning Meeting when this site comes before the Committee. MANY THANKS.


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