Posted by: tonytomkinson | January 21, 2012

Better Broadband for Norfolk

In May 2011 Norfolk County Council was successful in its bid to secure Government funding to help provide improved broadband speeds and access across Norfolk. The Council wants to keep people informed and updated about the project and the work that is underway to provide better broadband services in the County. This is particularly important for the many small villages in the Clavering Division. Many small businesses are run from rural areas, farmers are getting more information from the internet and using it for their business, single traders can work from home in our villages much more easily if the broadband service is speeded up. Lastly, many villages across Norfolk lack even a basic broadband service.

So, the County Council has launched a “Say YES to Better Broadband” campaign, which means you can register your interest in receiving the broadband services provided by the Better Broadband for Norfolk Project.

When you register there is no obligation to buy a broadband service – you will simply be helping to demonstrate to potential private sector partners that demand for better broadband exists.


In the villages of the Clavering Division, you can fill in a form on the internet, there is one for businesses and one for residents, the online website is to be found at,  where you can also find out a lot more information about the campaign.


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