Posted by: tonytomkinson | April 3, 2012

Planning refusal for sand and gravel

On 16th March the County Planning Committee refused an application for the removal of sand and gravel in Methwold. The number of this application is C/2/2008/2026:Methwold:Methwold Warren.

I will quote from the application.

Under 2. Constraints
2.1 The site has no specific allocation within the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Core Strategy proposals map (South area). The Norfolk Minerals and Waste LDF Specific Allocations DPD Revised Issues and Options Report (May 2011) does not identify the site as one of those likely to be allocated for additional minerals extraction. The site is within the Breckland Forest Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the Breclland Special Protection Area (SPA).
The Officer’s Recommendation started with these words:-
It is recommended that the Director of Environment, Transport and Development be authorised to refuse planning permission for the following reason;

“In the opinion of the County Planning Authority, there are more appropriate potential sand and gravel sites available to meet the County’s needs (as have been identified through the pre-submission stage of the Norfolk Minerals and Site Specific Allocations Development Plan Document)……………..”

Everyone must get behind the work of “Stopit” to get the application for a Gravel Extraction Site at Haddiscoe refused.
As soon as I am aware of the hearing dates I will let you all know.


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