Posted by: tonytomkinson | April 24, 2012

More info re Last Year’s work on the County Council

In my Report of last years activities I outlined much of the work that the County Council did last year. There are several other topics that you might find of interest.

RAF Marham, Return from Afgahnistan

RAF Marham, Return from Afghanistan

During the latter part of the year a Local Enterprise Partnership was established between Norfolk and Suffolk. This LEP is designed to assist in the economic prosperity of both Counties. We need to look forward with confidence to a reversal of the current economic doldrums and this LEP is designed to assist. The Economic Development Department is our local contact with  the LEP, and if anyone has any proposals that they wish to have considered, please let me know and I will do my best to point them in the right direction.

Recently I have been assisting a working group which has been looking at the problems experienced by Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) in obtaining loan capital. This has been a very interesting exercise and has help me to learn of some of the current problems faced by SME’s. We have interviewed banks, and other lenders to business as well as talking to some of our SME’s. The final report on this work is likely to be published in early June, and I hope it will assist business start-ups and small rural businesses in need of loan capital.

The County Fire Service has been fortunate in obtaining a grant of £10 million, for the purchase of some new fire appliances. The new appliances are to be four wheel drive machines and are primarily intended for rural areas such as ours. They will be very useful in attending remote farm locations to deal with machinery fires and other emergencies on our farms.

£190,000 has been allocated into our road`safety work, this money is for investment in road safety speed activated signs.  I can think of several locations in the Clavering Division which would benefit from this type of equipment. If you feel it would benefit your village please contact the Road Safety Team at County Hall.

In my annual report I mention the Military Covenant that we have signed with the Armed Forces, I should also have told you of the success of the “Make it Marham” campaign that we ran in the beginning of last year. But, believe me we are not complacent about that success, we know that we need to get on with the next campaign for Marham, which is to persuade the Government that Marham is the right place to locate the new Joint Strike Aircraft. The County is very appreciative of the contribution that Marham makes to a wider economy.

I think that completes a report on my own activities on your behalf, but it does not mention the work that I have been doing with the Police Authority. Please see my next Blog.


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