Posted by: tonytomkinson | April 24, 2012

The Safest County in the Country

For some years I have represented the County Council on the Police Authority. It is the job of the Authority to approve the Police Budget and to be a “Critical Friend” of the Constabulary.

For most of my time on the Authority, Norfolk has been the safest county in the country, that is true again this year.

The results achieved this year, some of which are highlighted below, ensure that Norfolk remains amongst the highest performing Constabulary.

  • Priority Crime down by 8% (or 932 fewer offences than last year
  • 20% reduction in Burglary Dwelling (or 367 fewer offences than last year)
  • 11% reduction in Robbery ( or 25 fewer offences than last year)
  • 12% reduction in Vehicle Theft (or 384 fewer offences than last year)
  • 30% reduction in ASB.

In addition the Home Office measure shows Norfolk has the lowest crime rate per 1,000 population in  the country. The County also has the sixth highest detection rate in the country.

2,223 priority crimes were reported in the fourth quarter of 2011/12, this represents an 18.4% (500 crimes) reduction from the same period last year.

Norfolk Police Motorcyclist


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