About Me

Having lived in the County for some 41 years and retiring early, I stood for election to the County Council in 2001. I represent the County Division of Clavering. A very rural patch, bordered to the east and south by the rivers Yare and Waveney. This division suited me very well as I was born in a small village and have allways lived in small villages, I believe I know what rural life is all about.

Just a little about my background:- Born in Warwickshire, attended Grammer school at Leamington College, like most young men in the 50’s did National Service in the Army. Went to college and studied structural engineering. In 1966 I came to Norfolk to be Technical Manager of Boulton and Paul Metal Windows Ltd. I started my own company in 1971 and eventually bought a company making wooden windows in Denmark.

It’s probably clear to you that my interests in the County Council, apart from the villages I represent, are around the Economic and Financial side of the County’s work.

My current responsibilities include;

Member of Norfolk Police Authority, Fire and Comunity Safety Review Panel, Corporate Affairs Review Panel. Vice-Chairman South Norfolk Alliance. Vice-Chairman Loddon Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel. Governor Ellingham St Mary’s School.

I am a member of the Conservative Party, joined them as a sixteen year old Young Conservative. I might, one day, explain the reason for joining them!

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